Pottery Experience FAQ's


Here are some FAQs, if you don’t see the answer to your question, please feel free to send me an email; Fi@FICHceramics.co.uk.


Where is it?

The potttery experiences are held in a home studio in North Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The specific address is given out once the pottery experience has been booked.


When can I do it?

Pottery experiences are mostly held on Wednesdays at either 10am or 5pm, although there is also some availability on Friday's at 10am or 5pm and Saturday's at 10am. I try and be as accommodating as possible with dates and timings, so please do get in touch if you have any questions.


How many sessions is it?

The 'Individual Pottery Experience' is one session, the others are 3 sessions in total.


How much do they cost?

The prices of the experiences are as follows;

'Throw a pot' - £100

'Make a bowl' - £120

'Make a plant pot'  - £120

'Make a yarn bowl' - £150

'Make an oil burner' - £150

'Make a mug'- £150


Can I do the experiences with a friend?

Yes, each pottery experience can be made into a double pottery experience. The cost and session time will be doubled as the amount and time shown in the description is for one person. 


 This is going to be a gift for someone, do you do gift cards?

Yes, digital gift cards and are available upon request. Gift cards are valid for a year* from the date of purchase.

*However this has been extended to 2 years if purchased between March 2020-May 2021


How long is my pottery experience valid for after purchasing it?

Pottery experiences are valid for a year* after being purchased.

*However this has been extended to 2 years if purchased between March 2020-May 2021


How do I book?

In the first instance please email me at info@FICHceramics.co.uk with some dates you are able to do. It is advised that if you are doing the 'Make a plant pot' or 'Make a mug' pottery experiences the first two sessions are a week apart so we will book these in first. I will get in contact with you after your second session to book your third and final session once your pot/mug has been fired. Once the dates have been agreed upon, payment will be taken to confirm your booking . I will then send over the terms and conditions of your pottery experience as well as the address of my studio. Provisional dates are only held for 24 hours.


Do you offer refunds on pottery experiences ?

Refunds on pottery experiences are only issued if cancelled within 24 hours of purchasing. If the pottery experience has been booked, they cannot be refunded. 


Can I change the date after booking?

Yes, you can change the date after you have booked. Please give as much notice as possible with your preferred date and time. Subsequent changes will incur a £30 charge. Changes will not be accepted if less than 24 hour notice is given. 


Will your dog be there during my pottery experience?

My friendly studio pup, Inca, will happily sleep through the whole experience, only waking up at the beginning and end, for cuddles. She wont be offended if you'd prefer not to though! Having said that, if you have a severe phobia of dogs that would prevent you from coming, please email me at info@fichceramics.co.uk as I may be able to make alternative arrangements for her. If however, you have a severe allergy that will be triggered if you're in the same room that a dog has been in, please use an alternative studio.