Dad's Tea/Latte Mug
Dad's Tea/Latte Mug
FICH ceramics

Dad's Tea/Latte Mug

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The glaze on this mug is absolutely stunning. It was an experimental piece I glazed using 2 different glazes and layered them on top of each other. When I got it out of the kiln it exceeded all of my expectations, they were just beautiful. There have only been 2 of these mugs ever made, one of which is stamped with 'dad' on both sides of the mug, therefore suitable for both right and left handers, and there is also one plain one. 

This mug are the perfect size for a tea or a latte. It has been thrown on the pottery wheel and then turned (placed upside down on the pottery wheel and the carve the excess clay off of the bottom) and stamped with the FICH logo on the foot, a pulled handle is then attached with care and attention. After it as dried out, it is then fired, glazed (when the colour is added) and then fired again. Each piece has been lovingly made in Oxfordshire UK. 

Please note that these handmade pieces can vary in size and colour so may not look exactly like the ones in the picture. The marks made when making the pieces are still evident to add to the aesthetic.



Hand-wash only

Not microwave safe



 Height 11cm x Width 8cm 

Due to the handmade nature of these pieces, the size may vary by 0.5cm.



2-3 business days 



2 - 3 business days


Once they have been shipped they will be sent with Royal Mail using their 2nd class postage system. They have a 2-3 day delivery aim although this can be affected during busy periods, please see Royal Mails website for more information.


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