Autumn Winter ‘21 collection

Introducing FICHceramics' Autumn Winter Collection 2021. These colours are bold, timeless and invite you to cosy up in time for the cold winter nights. They are pieces to be enjoyed in your homes, and used while catching up with friends and family, finally!


What you can expect with each glaze within this palette; 



The layers of detail in this glaze inspired the name, Frost. The natural formation of the glaze is unique on every piece, as the placement of the speckles is uncontrollable. 

Textured Ocean 

There are so many layers of detail in this glaze, the more you look, the more you see. With all of the different marine life within the ocean, there are many different colours and textures to be seen. I think this glaze captures this essence of this perfectly. 

Misty Rose

Misty Rose is an elegant and neutral colour which is perfect for those who prefer to include colour in a subtle way. This tone of pink perfectly compliments the various shades of green from plants. 


Ink is the perfect harmony between blue and black, the same as pen ink which is where the name has derived from. In some lights it is black but if you tilt it towards the light you can see the blue come through. 


If you are looking for a glaze which brings a pop of colour to your home, look no further, Mustard is the colour choice for you. It brings the warmth of summer into your home, on a cold winters night.