Espresso Cups
Espresso Cups
FICH ceramics

Espresso Cups

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After being thrown on a potters wheel, each mug is then turned (placed upside down and carve excess clay off of the bottom) and then stamped with  'FICH' on the foot. The pulled handle is then carefully attached. Each piece I make is lovingly made with lots of care and attention. 

These cups make the perfect gift for coffee lovers and they are the perfect size for an espresso. You could even have them on display and home a miniature cacti in them!

Rough size guide: H: 6.5cm D: 6cm (widest) 5cm (narrowest)

Please note that these handmade pieces can vary in size and colour so may not look exactly like the ones in the picture. The marks made when making the pieces are still evident to add to the aesthetic.

There is a 20% discount on these espresso cups. They all have a slight orange peel texture on a small area of the clear glaze on the bottom half of the cup. Impossible to take a photo of but please get in touch if you'd like to see it before purchasing. 


Your order will be shipped 2 business days after ordering. Due to it being in the sale, returns or exchanges are not accepted unless damaged. Price includes P&P to the UK, international shipping is not available. 

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