Small mugs
Small mugs
Small mugs
FICH ceramics

Small mugs

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These mugs are the perfect size for a small coffee such as a flat white or a cortado. They have been thrown on the pottery wheel and then turned (placed upside down on the pottery wheel and the carve the excess clay off of the bottom) and stamped with 'FICH' on the foot, a pulled handle is then attached with care and attention. After it as dried out, it is then fired, glazed (when the colour is added) and then fired again. Each piece has been lovingly made in Oxfordshire UK. 

As you can see in the photo, you can also have these mugs on display using them as a quirky home for your cacti!

Please note that these handmade pieces can vary in size and colour so may not look exactly like the ones in the picture. The marks made when making the pieces are still evident to add to the aesthetic.

Rough size guide: 5cm x 7cm.


Hand-wash only



These mugs qualify for free UK delivery.

They are made to order and will be ready to dispatch between 4 - 6 weeks. 

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